After   two   difficult   pregnancies,   Pop   Art   artist   shone   in   the   art   world   with   her   artworks   full   of   power   and energy.   In   November   2013,   the   artist   Tanja   Playner   presented   her   new   works   in   the   Siegfried   Marcus Museum. The   owner   of   the   Sigfried   Marcus   Museum   was   an   avid   fan   of   the   works   of Tanja   Playner,   and in 2014-2015 the Siegfried Marcus Museum once again showed the artist's works of art. The   critics   compared   her   to   a   mix   of Andy   Warhol,   Roy   Lichtenstein   and   Strokes   by   Picasso. The   British Vogue   publishes   the   artwork   "Mona   Lisa"   by   Tanja   Playner   under   Vogue's   Masterpiece   ...   and   GQ Magazine   publishes   the   work   "Sweet   Whisper"   in   November   2015   alongside   Daniel   Craig   &   Monica Belucci   and   Photographen   Ranking   with   their   ranking   among   the   top   300   artists   worldwide   on   artnet.   In April   2016,   Tanja   Playner   was   placed   in   the   Top   5   Twitter   Kaiser   in   the   Media   Magazine   in   2nd   place under   the   Twitter   Kaiser   in   Austria   next   to   Song   Contest   winner   Conchita   Wurst,   ORF   presenter   Armin Wolf, Olympic Ski winner Anna Veit (Fenninger). Her   artworks   have   been   exhibited   at   the   Latino   Art   Museum   in   California,   MOA   Art   Museum   in   Miami, Antoni   Gaudi   Modernist   Museum   in   Barcelona,   as   far   as   Carrousel   du   Louvre   and   Quest   Hall   Harajuku in Tokyo. Tanja   Playner   is   one   of   the   few   artists   worldwide   who   was   dedicated   to   her   own   art   museum   at the   age   of   32.   The   artist's   Pop   Art   artworks   have   been   presented   at   international   art   fairs   from   New York, Los Angeles, San Diego, Dubai, Barcelona to Tokyo and Miami. She   has   overtaken   the   winner   of   the   Eurovision   song   contest   Conchita   Wurst   on   Twitter.   With   the conspicuousness   of   her   Pop Art   motifs   she   reached   #   14   in   the   December   ranking   of   the   top   300   artists worldwide   on   artnet   and   stood   in   front   of   Damien   Hirst,   Fernando   Botero,   Gerhard   Richter,   Jeff   Koons, Yayoi Kusama, Alex Katz, Mr. Brainwash, Takashi Murakami among the Top 3 artists living in Europe.   The   artist   is   committed   to   peace   and   a   beautiful   world.   She   participated   in   the   art   project   of   the   Foreign Office   of   the   Federal   Ministry   of   Defense   and   Sports   "Art   in   Action"   in   which   also   stars   like   Christine Stürmer,    DJ    Ötzi,    Alfons    Haider,    Professor    Frank    Hoffmann,    Jazz    Gitti,    Prof.    Ernst    Fuchs    have participated. In   her   works   of   art,   Tanja   Playner   reminds   us   of   the   positive   moments   of   our   lives.   She   succeeds   in perfectly   combining   modern   objects   with   positive   emotions.   The   black   and   white   painted   women   with blue   eyes   and   pink   lips   in   the   colorful   motifs   have   become   their   trademark.   In   most   of   her   works   of   art, the   artist   deliberately   shows   no   straight   lines   with   the   hint   of   an   imperfect   life   and   allows   us   to   think about   the   future   path   of   our   society   with   love,   humor   and   positive   charisma   and   to   make   this   world   a little   more   beautiful   with   radiant   emotions.   In   2015,   she   launched   the   charity   project   "Pop   Art   for Children". Tanja   Playner   also   deals   with   modern   objects,   consumer   products   and   people's   emotions.   She   speaks in   her   art   about   the   way   of   our   society   and   touches   the   hearts   of   the   beholder   with   the   colorful   colors   in conjunction   with   positive   emotions.   Their   motives   are   not   sad   emotions,   and   they   are   the   opposite   of cartoons. Visitors   to   their   exhibitions   include   the   President   of   Austria   Heinz   Fischer   with   his   wife   Margit   Fischer, singer   Jazz   Gitti,   world-famous   pianist   and   conductor   Stefan   Vladar,   Professor   Frank   Hoffmann,   well- known   pianist   and   professor   at   the   University   of   Music   and   Performing Arts   Markus   Schirmer,   Governor. Joseph Pühringer etc. The   artist   's   artworks   are   in   public   and   private   collections   as   well   as   in   the   possession   of   the   Federal Ministry   of   Defense   in   Austria,   one   of   the   members   of   the   European   Order   of   the   House   of   Habsburg   - Lorraine,   St.   George   Order,   as   well   as   in   the   possession   of   Ernst   Piech   -   grandson   of   Ferdinand Porsche. Also   on   the   red   carpet   at   international   events   is   Tanja   Playner   alongside   such   stars   as   actor   John Travolta,    Milla    Jovovich,    model    Alessandra    Mabrosio,    Paris    Hilton,    football    legend    Oliver    Kahn, Hollywood   actor   Ralf   Moeller,   German   actress   and   model   Sophia   Thomalla,   Bert   Wollersheim,   actor Martin Semmelrogge.
Pop   Art    artist    Tanja    Playner    has    managed    to    attract    people worldwide   with   her   colorful   artworks.   Her   pictures   are   stylish, glamorous,   eye-catching   and   sought   after   worldwide.   Her   Pop Art   artworks   are   unique   and   unmistakable. They   make   the   hearts of   many   people   beat   faster.   With   her   messages   of   love,   zest   for life, lifestyle and optimism, Pop Art artist inspires the world. With   her   statement   -   "My   art   is   not   shocking   -   it   makes   people happy   all   over   the   world!",   The   public   perception   of   artist   Tanja Playner is spreading at the speed of light. Over   500,000   followers   on   Twitter   (as   of   1   August   2017)   from   5 continents.   Herr   fans   include   singers,   authors,   owners   of   big companies,     producers,     politicians     and     just     hundreds     of thousands of art lovers. Numerous   Retweets,   as   well   as   comments   to   the   press   articles show that the art of the artist the broad public likes. The   graziel   Pop   Art   artist   has   done   a   lot   in   her   life.   After   her son's   premature   birth   could   only   be   prevented   by   an   emergency operation   in   the   19th   week   of   pregnancy,   she   was   hospitalized for   a   long   time. The   artist   had   to   be   confined   to   bed   for   12   weeks at   the   hospital   in   Ried   im   Innkreis   to   fight   for   the   life   of   her unborn son. With   the   fear   of   losing   her   child   every   day,   she   has   created   an imaginary    dream    world    in    which    to    live    her    wishes    and    the beautiful   things   in   life.   The   beautiful   things   of   life   are   sometimes unreal   dream   worlds   consisting   of   landscape   and   architecture, unreal   social   events,   but   also   just   the   normal   things   that   every normal    family    can    experience    every    day    with    their    children. These    daydreams    were    sketched    by    the    Pop    Art    artist    and realized   after   her   hospitalization   in   her   Pop   Art   oil   paintings. From    these    artworks    the    exhibition    "Life    is    beautiful"    was created.
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