Pop Art to make you happy every moment of life
Tanja Playner Pop Art Store
Tanja Playner Pop Art Store
Pop Art to make you happy every moment of life
Why buy Limited Edition from Tanja Playner? Tanja Playner is in July 2017 of more than 320,000 listed artists worldwide at number 11 of the top 300 artists worldwide on artnet ahead of Marc Chagall, (Platz 17), Roy Lichtenstein (number 19), Damien Hirst (number 25), Jeff Koons (number 28), Alex Katz (number 33), Takashi Murakami (number 14), Mr. Brainwash (number 36), Gerhard Richter (number 39) more than 500 000 people on Twitter like Tanja Playner Pop Art Magazines, Newspapers and TV as british VOGUE, british GQ, Chelsea life, Diplomatic observer, Kronen Zeitung, Kurier, ORF TV, RTS TV, M4TV, Salzburger Nachrichten and much more speak about Tanja Playner Art of Tanja Playner was exhibited to the most important art and culture events as Art Basel Miami art week, in Carrousel du Louvre during the Fiac art week, at the Fine Art Biennial Basel during the Art Basel art week, at the Modern Art Cannes Biennial during the Cannes Film Festival and many other relevant exhibitions in Japan, Dubai, USA, United Kingdom ...
Das ist eine interessante neue Linie von Malerei This is an interesting new line of painting
Ernst Piech grandson of Ferdinand Porsche
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„Meine Kunst schockiert nicht – sie macht die Menschen weltweit glücklich!“ My art is not shocking - it makes people around the world happy!
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